We Wait

Today felt like the longest day ever. From 10:30 am to 3:45 pm, we shuffled through the radiology department of KU. We did get to leave for about an hour for lunch. We had only been in the waiting room for about 10 minutes this morning before we started hearing other patients sharing their cancer stories and crying. There were wheelchairs and canes and lots of slow moving older people, but no other kids. Thank God.  We are not at all ready to join this crowd in the waiting room. We don’t want to be on a first name basis with the nurses and techs like many of them clearly are.  We focused on each other as much as we could. We probably should have had conversations, but not today.

Today was harder for Mason than what we were prepared for. They had to start an IV to inject the contrast for the bone scan. The nurse tried and failed twice before being kind enough to find someone who could get it in. Her words after failure #2 were, “Dang, I blew that one too!”  Thankfully, the second nurse got it in on her first try, but this time blood immediately gushed out all over him. Thankfully, he was wearing all black so he didn’t have to spend the entire day appearing to be covered in blood. Thank you, Fleners and #myetchedlife for the perfect shirt for a day like this. Mason wore it proudly.


Because the injection was over an hour later than it was scheduled, everything else was set back over an hour. Just when I think I’m becoming more patient, the waiting increases it seems.  The scans are all complete for now and again we wait. Monday afternoon we meet with the pediatric oncologist for the first time and we assume that we will find out the results of today’s scans.

Because we are crazy and obviously don’t have enough going on right now, we decided to list our house today. I know, it seems crazy and sudden. But we’ve actually had our house ready to list since September. We’ve been looking for that perfect ranch ever since, scouring real estate apps and waiting expectantly for each email our realtor sends us with a new listing. Looking at houses has become our getaway from reality lately. When we’re sad, we message our realtor and she schedules an appointment for a showing. The kids love it. We love it. And, let’s be honest, it beats most coping alternatives!  Last night we found that perfect (within our price range anyway) house!  At midnight last night we were filling out seller disclosures and cleaning the house. By 9 am, we already had our first showing. By 10 am, we were fairly certain we would get an offer today. By 5:30, we were signing papers. In 1 day, we’ve accepted an offer and made an offer. It has helped us all find some happy in the sadness. And, it has definitely been a great distraction. If all goes well, Mason will no longer have to crutch up and down the stairs to get to his bedroom. Considering that we have another 7 months on crutches, that feels like a big win. And, we will no longer have an unfinished basement that maybe someday we’ll be able to finish.  For now, we wait. We love waiting.


3 thoughts on “We Wait

  1. Holy Cow! What a day! Poor Masons arm! That makes my arm & head hurt thinking about your full day! Great news about both houses. I hope that process goes smoothly for you. I know it took us forever to find a true ranch, so that sounds like a God thing that u found one and at the right time!
    I wait with you for good news on the house & especially Mason!
    Love & Prayers,
    (Let me know if I need to change my milk delivery lol)


  2. Keeping you all in my thoughts, prayers, and heart. That picture of Mason brought tears to my eyes and seems to perfectly capture the struggle that has been thrust upon him and your whole family. I am here for him (and you) ANY time.


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