The results of today’s PET scan:

2 tumors in upper right femur; 1 golf ball and 1 marble-sized

Original tumor still showing up in tibia; may be just the result of surgery in that area, but no way of knowing.

Chemotherapy is now a must to make sure that it doesn’t metastasize to his lungs.

Resection surgeries are also necessary and more biopsies are likely. The next surgery will be soon – no date yet.  They will put a PICC line in for chemo during surgery.

This information is all from the Pediatric Oncologist, Dr. Smith.  He will be in charge of chemo.  Dr. Rosenthal, the orthopedic surgeon/oncologist has to make surgery decisions once Dr. Rosenberg, the pathologist, weighs in with the new information. While we aren’t certain of the path we’re about to be on, we’re sure that chemo and multiple surgeries are part of it.

Mason will miss about 50% of his time in school.  Some of this depends on how healthy the people around him are.

Monday will still be the arteriogram and there will now be a tour of the pediatric ward added.

Each call continues to be worse than the one before.  This is our worst nightmare.  Please pray.



9 thoughts on “Results

  1. Our prayers continue, there are no words, and saying “I’m so sorry” is petty too….I can’t imagine how you feel, but let us, your prayer warriors help carry Mason and your family through….big Hugs to you as you travel this journey in faith….bless you!


  2. Dear Amy ,Matt I am so sorry for you and will lift you up in prayer daily and know God will give you strength to see Mason through all of this. God be with you , love you guys much.


  3. I hate hearing this news:( I’m hurting with you & still praying for you. I’m so sorry your family is going through this. Do not lose hope! God has the final say.
    Hugs & prayers,


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