Waiting on God = Wisdom

We finally got a phone call tonight and yet we still know nothing.

Mason’s oncologist is still waiting just like we are and called to let us know that he hasn’t forgotten about us and is hopeful we’ll hear something soon.  Ugh.

But, anytime we get any of his doctors on the phone, we are sure to ask as many questions as we can possibly come up with to somehow better understand what we’re facing.  So, here’s what we know.

  • Malignant tumors are graded as either 1, 2, or 3.  The first tumor found in his tibia is a 1 (best).  The 3 tumors in his femur are at least a 2.  Most osteosarcomas are a 3 before they are found.
  • The PET scan done on February 4 appears to be worse than the MRI done on January 27.  These are obviously two different kinds of scans so it’s not a direct comparison.  But, the tumors have clearly grown in this period of eight days.  That’s terrifying and feels like a ticking time bomb.  News like this makes us want to start treatment right this minute.
  • Dr. Smith felt like there was about a 1 in 20 chance that the final path report we are waiting for will change the course of treatment already in place.  However, it should not delay getting started as they’ve planned ahead for 3 chemo options.
  • Dr. Smith seemed surprised that we hadn’t called him and apologized for not getting us called earlier in the day.  He asked us to call him tomorrow at noon for an update.  He’s waiting and hoping just like we are.  Each time we talk to him, we feel a sense of urgency in starting chemo.  That’s pretty terrifying.
  • Our new goal is to get information by tomorrow (Thursday) and start chemo on Friday.
  • Once Mason makes it through 2 full rounds of chemo (approximately 10 weeks depending on how he handles it), he’ll have his first resection surgery.

All of this information is really based on what Dr. Smith has seen in Mason’s scans so far.  We have no official final pathology report.  I’m hanging onto a miracle.  I have no doubt that God is capable.

So, tomorrow will be bonus day 3!  I’m pretty grateful to have had the extra time this week.  We’ve been able to catch up on laundry and mail and many of the things that have piled up.  I will call at noon tomorrow and be really surprised if any information is available.  And then I will wait for the next deadline.

A friend who’s walked in shoes similar to mine posted this quote on my Facebook page today:

“Waiting on God rather than jumping the gun by taking matters into your own hands, is the epitome of wisdom…” – from The Songs of Jesus by Tim Keller

I’m going to claim that for today.  Waiting was painfully hard.  I stared at my phone all day long.  I physically ached deep inside my chest because I wanted answers so badly.  But, I felt strongly that I should just wait.  And, now I am wise.  I mean, wiser. And I still ache for answers.


4 thoughts on “Waiting on God = Wisdom

  1. Amy and family,
    Thank you for this blog. I am reading your updates daily and pray that Mason gets the treatment he needs soon. Taking aggressive action versus waiting and doing nothing seems to be a logical next step to conquering this. I know you are ready to get that ball rolling. I think of you all daily and pray for comfort and peace.


  2. Amy and Matt,
    My heart aches for you as I read your updates. I continue to pray for you and for a miracle. Know that you are being held up in prayer by many.


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