I have no words.

How do you tell your kids that life is about to change for the worse – that we finally know for sure that what we’ve been praying to avoid all along is becoming reality?  How do you hold it together and parent well when you really want to go far away and cry and scream and punch things until the pain goes away?

Chemo starts Thursday.  I’d do anything to change this.


7 thoughts on “I have no words.

  1. Words can hardly express how deeply sorry I am to read this last post. Praying for God’s strength and peace to sustain you, praying for healing for Mason, praying that your family draws closer to our Heavenly Father.


  2. Nathan, Abby, and Johnny Brownell have been praying for Mason. Nathan says he prays for him whenever he passes Mason’s class in the hall. We will be praying for you as you prepare for Thursday and all of us will be in prayer throughout the day of Thursday.


  3. Oh Amy, this is not the news I wanted to hear either. All of you have gone through so much with all the testing and waiting….. I know your lives have been turned upside down and in all directions when you first heard what was going on with Mason… You know we are all praying for each of you and especially Mason. Please Dear God, wrap your arms around this family and heal Mason with your love….. We love you all very much and wish we could do more for you.


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