Mason’s Cancer Smash

Because I forgot to blog Saturday’s big event…I’ve copied my Facebook post below.  It pretty much sums it up. We are still so happy thinking about the goodness of that day.


Today will forever be remembered as a day that God orchestrated in perfection that is only in Him. We were surrounded by so many people we love in the sunny parking lot of our little white church full of people with the biggest servant hearts. We were reminded that God has been preparing us for a time such as this. We were humbled and amazed and we laughed and cried and hugged all day long. We had more conversations today than we would normally have in a month. We felt genuine support in every possible way. We made new friends and reconnected with old friends. Everyone should feel what we felt today (minus the cancer part) – where all of your people come together from all parts of your life and love you well. So many people helped make today possible. Thank you is so very insufficient. Rachel, you’re brilliant and wonderful. You truly listened when I was beyond frustrated and knew I wasn’t kidding when I said I wanted to break things. You not only turned my frustrations into a way to pay for medical bills, but also provided this amazing day be with all of the people we love. You have no idea how happy it made me to throw that pastel, porcelain basket (Thanks, Mel!) I could’ve stood there all day and thrown things. Melanie, Mayela, Andrea, and Chrystan – just plain amazing. I love you all. The 5 of you made the best team ever. You all complimented each other so well and I’m totally jealous of all of the time you all spent together on our behalf because I know I would’ve loved being with you.

imageOur Dream Team ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

THANK YOU to everyone who showed up and helped out. I didn’t get a ton of pictures, but I did get a few to share. #PrayforMason

Mason LOVED this!

imageAutumn and Mason 💙 They decided in Kindergarten they were getting married someday and they still both agree. They’ve been dating longer than some people stay married. 😂

imageI don’t even have words for this picture. Seriously. Not only did Mason’s favorite nurse surprise him by coming, she took pies to the face and had a shirt made just for him. The bond these two have is just unbelievable. Best. Nurse. Ever.

imageI love that he picked a pretty green plate to smash. Do you think the neighbors would mind if we moved this to our backyard?

imageEveryone needs people they can be fully honest with even when it’s so ugly it hurts. These are some of mine.

imageAlli’s version of pie in the face was much gentler than Mason’s. This is Alli with her principal, barely touching her face and then apologizing as she helped wipe it off. Mason was more like smash and twist until all cool whip made its way out!


imageMason and one of his brave teachers who took many pies in the face for him. 💙

imageMason and a few of his classmates. Yes, they’re all the same age. 😳


imageAggressions released with my girl. I’m not sure which one of us needed it more. Ahhhh!

imageI’m so blessed to be his mom. 💙

imageWhen your first-ever bestie comes to visit and life has been incredibly hard since you last saw her, this is what happens when it’s time for her to leave. 😔💗💗

imageThis is the plate that Matt launched in action ready to smash cancer!


2 thoughts on “Mason’s Cancer Smash

  1. Wow, what an awesome day! My eyes are full of tears and my heart with joy seeing the perfect day God made for you! And what a nurse! She reminds me of Missy:) To some it is a job… to others a true calling and we are blessed to have them care for us. Maybe there should be a Smash event once a month?!!!
    Love ya, Gina


  2. What a beautiful pic of Alli & Emily! Not a word needs to be said-Alli’s face says it all! What a event!! Sounds like you all have a lot of love & support. Think of you all often & keep you all in prayers!


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