Be Grateful

Be grateful for what you’re doing in this very moment. I never thought this would be what my moment would look like as the mother of a 9-year-old. This weekly organizer holds ONE DAY of pills for when we are at home. In the hospital, a lot of these drugs are pushed through his catheter along with his chemo drugs. I finally had to break down and make a chart because I couldn’t keep the growing list of meds straight.


Today was disappointing to say the least. Our prayer for a miracle wasn’t answered. We don’t know a lot as of now, but Matt and I didn’t need a medical degree to see the bright spots on the bone scan don’t appear to have changed.

The good news is that the CT didn’t find anything in his lungs. We will find out much more in the next couple of days as tomorrow’s tests are more telling – MRI and PET scan. But, we already have a surgery date of next Wednesday, May 11.  Unless the scans tomorrow are surprising, the plan is to resect the tibia and create a new one from his fibula as well as biopsy and scrape out the tumors on his femur all in the same day. He will be non weight-bearing and on crutches again with more surgeries to follow after more chemo. He will recover from surgery on the peds floor of the main hospital this time and start his next round of chemo 2-3 days after surgery.

Despite the fact that he has the flu, he’s had a pretty good day and enjoyed his time outside in the beautiful weather. We got to have supper as a family in our own home. Thank you for praying. Please continue. #PrayforMason


11 thoughts on “Be Grateful

  1. Amy- the fire you are going through is just— I don’t even have words. But please know that prayers have not ceased and I am here for you- always-
    To listen, to cook, to cry, scream, anything. Please use me. I love you all deeply and I know that our Savior loves you even more.


  2. Amy, I don’t know how you did it without a chart before now! That is a lot to keep straight……You are right. We all should treasure the moment we are in & not take anything for granted. I’m grateful that Mason enjoyed the weather tonight, you all got to eat & sleep in your own home, that the scans do not show anything in his lungs, that Mason & your family have a good support system, people are praying for you continually, & that we serve a big God that loves us unconditionally! He is still there & he will carry you guys through this!


  3. Mason and all are forever in my thoughts and prayers!! Again, I can’t imagine the torment that goes through your mind every minute of the day and night. I pray God strengthens you with peace. I pray he heals Mason and comforts him in his days of treatment and therapy. If ever I can help, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thinking of you all and continued prayers are with you all.


  4. Continued prayers for Mason and your family. I pray that more definitive results will show up on his PET scan. I am thankful that there are no new spots and that the treatment so far has kept it from spreading. Praying that God gives to you all that you need right now to walk through this storm. Praying for healing, miracles and endurance. Mason is such a strong young man and I can’t imagine having to endure all that he is going through. Much love to you and your family.


  5. Hugs, Amy!
    You know we’re all praying for Mason, but remember…we’re praying for you, too! Praying for the charts, the schedule, the suppers together, and the hours you sit by his bedside….we’re praying!!


  6. We don’t know you we’ll,having just met, but we are right next door. If we can ever help please let us know. We are praying too. May God give you strength, courage, comfort and hope.


  7. Amy, you know that I am like you in that I don’t always have words to say, but please know that we pray for Mason, you, Matt, and sweet Ali every single day. I hurt with you and tear up every time I read your blogs. Thank you for writing this blog and sharing some of your feelings and what’s going on with us and allowing us to journey with you. We love you all so very much!


  8. Amy,

    I can’t even begin to imagine what you guys are going through. Just know how much we love you and continue to send prayers up for each of you daily. Thank you so much for sharing your story in your blog. Noah misses seeing Mason and it’s a great way for me to update him on his buddy and how he can be praying for him. (((HUGS)))
    Sarah Kilzer


  9. Received my PrayforMason bracelet yesterday from Judy. Will say a prayer for Mason every time if look at it on my wrist. Prayers for you, too Amy, Matt and Alli.


  10. Our hearts hurt with you and we cry with you when we read about everything you all are going through. We pray throughout the day for strength, wisdom, healing, comfort and the things you need that we could not possibly understand but we know our God can provide. You have our number. When you encounter those unknowns and you need someone, please call.


  11. Amy,
    We continue to lift your family up in prayer. God is definitely moving in your life and we are all witnessing His love and grace. We pray for healing, strength, and peace.

    Dana McNutt (mother of Van, my little cancer survivor ; )


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