Brave Boy

Mason is the bravest boy I know. The nerve block lasted about 12 hours, not 24. The pain is horrible. His surgeon said, “If anyone in this hospital needs pain medicine, it’s you buddy. Don’t be afraid to ask for it.” He’s not afraid to ask and he’s been so kind and appreciative for all of the care he’s gotten. He’s terrified for the moment when he has to move his leg and he knows there is a long road ahead. The orthopedic residents all want to be on his case because the surgery he had is so rare. The x-Ray is amazing to see.  Pray for comfort for the next few days. They are going to be rough. After discussion among his oncology team and surgical team, they decided to give him a few more days before the next chemo. He won’t start the next round until Wednesday and it will be the “easy” (methotrexate) round instead.


In other news, I just saw myself on TV and I’m a little horrified. I apologize in advance for the awkwardness. There’s a reason I type (delete exists). There’s no way to prepare for that moment when a news camera is in your living room. Luckily, Mason is anything but awkward and his smile, faith, and courage will reach thousands tonight. His story airs tonight at 10pm on KMBC 9 News.

Did I really just say that?  I can’t express to you what a strange time in our lives this has become. Appreciate your normal. We miss it.


4 thoughts on “Brave Boy

  1. Our hearts ache for all that Mason is dealing with, all the stress that you and Matt are dealing with. We are fervently praying for all of you. My words fail to express my concern, how much I am sorry you are all dealing with this. Much love, much prayers to the Barnard’s. Love you Amy


  2. Thanks for the update. He definitely is one of the bravest boys I know! Got my DVR set. Praying for the pain to subside as quickly as possible. Stay brave little Wookie!! Hugs for you all,


  3. I wish I had some way to give you some help with all stress & pain your family is going through. Please know prayers are always coming your way. Love & support to all of you!


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