Possibly Half Way Done!

Quick update!  Our family is loving spending time under the same roof for multiple days in a row. It’s still pretty remarkable how much we love normalcy. Matt has completed so many projects around the house now that school is out. I’ve enjoyed being able to help him and live in our home together. I married a pretty great guy that I’ve missed tremendously.

Alli is enjoying sleeping a little more now that it’s summer and having fun with friends and cousins. She also loves irritating her brother. Mason is handling this round of chemo MUCH better than ever before. He hasn’t vomited one single time. He’s spent lots of time holding the emesis bag and preparing to vomit, but hasn’t once. Overall he’s doing so well. This past weekend, his ANC hit an all-time low and he had to be in isolation for several days. Today’s labs show that his numbers are headed back up. He has 4 days left of school this year and is hoping to be able to be there all four days.

Pray that he continues to bounce back and doesn’t end up needing another transfusion. He’s borderline right now on both platelets and hemoglobin. GIVE BLOOD if you don’t already. Someone else’s blood has saved our son’s life twice so far. We have no doubt he’ll need more as this journey continues. Pray that we have a surgery plan soon. Pray the chemo is working. We are on week 15 of 30ish IF all goes well.


4 thoughts on “Possibly Half Way Done!

  1. ❤️So sweet to hear this update. If Mason ever needs some entertainment- you know who to call! 🙂 Emerson would LOVE to play!!


  2. Glad to here things are better for Mason and all of being together. You are in my prayers always and do like to hear from you , good or bad and pray for more good from here on. God bless and be with you all.


  3. What a wonderful gift for you to spend some time with family under one roof! You are right, too! You are married to an amazing guy,!! He has a great wife, & two wonderful children! God is always with you so that’s one strong team! Love & prayers to all!


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