You guys. This has been one crazy day. We’re so stunned, it’s hard to know if we should be happy or worried (but we’re going with happy).  We got to the hospital this morning for regularly scheduled chemo. Again, not excited to be there, but trying to look at it as knocking out another week and getting closer to our goal.

Once we had the room all set up and every single thing unpacked, both oncologists paid us a visit. Hmmm…they really like us now?  Maybe, but that’s not why they both came. Just so you know, they never both come. One is usually in clinic while the other does rounds. They had new and breaking news. The kind of news that made me unsteady on my feet. Dr. Loew had already spoken with his friend Dr. Meyers at Memorial Sloan Kettering. And, guess what?  He has a different opinion. Hearts sink. Jaws drop. Fear sets in. Dr. Meyers wants to see Mason. He wants his entire file sent. He does NOT think we should continue chemo, only surgery. Relief, disbelief in what we are hearing, scared but smiling. Mason’s already hooked up to the IV, but chemo hasn’t been hung yet. The doctors then told us that we have to make the decision of whether or not to continue with chemo today. They don’t have a strong opinion either way. Weighing all pros and cons and shaking with our jaws still on the floor, we decided to go home. We signed consent for the transfer of files and decided to have ice cream for lunch. Because, isn’t that what you do when you are celebrating escaping 5 days of time in the hospital and possibly leaving chemo behind forever?!

So…we will be getting a summer vacation after all. We are continuing with surgery next week and then headed to New York mid August. Our kids will take their first ever flight and we will stick out like sore thumbs in Manhattan. Eek!!! This roller coaster just went on an upside down loop.

Prayer is working and so very welcome! Thank you!


12 thoughts on “UNBELIEVABLE!

  1. Wow, I just did a happy dance! We are still praying and if you need anything please let me know🎉🎉🎉 please have safe travels and I pray they continue to work together!


  2. What?!! That is definitely a loop:) Of course you celebrate with ice cream! So glad doctors are working together & you are getting even more eyes on Mason’s case. I’m so happy for you!!!


  3. Praise God and halaluah God be with all of you and Mason way to go . I’m setting here smiling after reading the news . Will keep praying. Love you all so very much.


  4. That is incredible news… Power of prayer is so amazing!! Will continue in prayer until the word cancer has been taken out of Mason’s medical charts!!


  5. Wow!! Such awesome news! You were right Amy, God does have a wonderful sense of humor! I will continue to pray for strength and courage for you all.


  6. Amy – we are an EPiC family and have been following Mason’s story (and your blog) since I found it on the EPiC Moms Prayer page. I have read the past few weeks with lots of tears – tears of frustration and helplessness for you and tears of extreme happiness with the recent posts. We have been praying for all four of you and will continue to – but tonight I feel SO HAPPY reading this. So happy to get that other opinion. So happy to have had ice cream for lunch! So happy for an awesome family vacation!


  7. Wow! That news is amazing! Sounds like you have a good team on your side!! What a roller coaster you have all been on & I say you definitely were entitled to ice cream for lunch. So glad I got to see you all & prayers and love will continue to come your way!!!


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