Goodbye Cancer!

#NEGU = Never Ever Give Up

This is the face of a boy excited to be “cancer free” by the end of the day. #PrayforMason


This is the face of a girl who chose to come along today because her brother asked her to be there even though she hates hospitals.


Want to know something crazy? He’s excited today for another reason. He LIKES anesthesia. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry about that. Nine year olds shouldn’t know anesthesia that well. Only this crazy kid. #hesfunny

Heading into surgery very soon around 7:45.  We left this morning at 5 am.  Surgery is expected to be around 4 hours this time. We had good conversations with both surgeons this morning and we are feeling good about their abilities to take care of Mason.  Pray for wisdom, peace, and pain management.



7 thoughts on “Goodbye Cancer!

  1. Yay, for cancer free!! Love that smile. Your right, a nine year old should not know anything about anesthesia, but it is some of the best sleep ever:) Way to go Alli for letting love overcome! Praying the peace of God surrounds you all as He continues the healing process! Love you guys!


  2. Praise be to God. That is fantastic news. I am so happy for you guys. Our Lord is amazing. I pray for Mason continued healing and recovery. His smile says it all.


  3. Praying that cancer is completely eradicated from his body and let the healing begin! Praying the Holy Spirit is guiding the hands that are removing the cancer, that the room is filled with compassion for Mason and expectancy of healing. Praise God for this day, for His love for Mason. Praying this whole ordeal will bring you all closer to one another and closer to our Savior.


  4. Praying for you Mason and all of you. God las good and I’m sure will bless you guys for your faithfulness even through your really tough times. Love you all much.


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