Tomorrow is the big day!

Our time here in New York is dwindling fast. There are still so many things we’d like to do, but between the heat and the wheelchair, we haven’t gotten as much done as I had hoped. Then again, I have a bad habit of setting my expectations way too high. The heat index has been as high as 130 while we’ve been here and it wears us out fast. And, we’ve learned there’s no such thing as a breeze because you are between so many tall buildings that the air doesn’t really move way down low. The poor wheelchair. Oh my. It’s the only medical equipment we use that we don’t own. We rent it monthly. It’s not fancy by any means and it doesn’t do bumps and curbs well. Today, as Matt was loading it into the über for what seems like the millionth time it’s been loaded, a screw came out. Matt grabbed the screw and went on because no one waits for you here. Everything is rushed. Once we got to the Museum of Natural History, we borrowed a screwdriver and were good to go. I’m guessing after the use that thing has gotten in the last few days, this wheelchair will either go into retirement or we will own it forever. No one’s going to want it after all of the New York miles it has on it! I’m so ready for the day that we no longer need it.

Tomorrow is finally the day that this trip is all about. We will meet Dr. Meyers at 9am. It seems like we’ve waited so long for this even though it has been relatively quick. The emotions that we are experiencing tonight are all over the place. We are trying to plan our day tomorrow as its really our last day here. We fly home on Tuesday. The problem with planning is that there are so many ways this appointment could go. Will we feel like celebrating at the Statue of Liberty or crying in the hotel?  I’ve let myself get a little too hopeful that this is an end to our cancer journey. What if it’s only the beginning?  I know that God’s plans are so much better.  But, how is a mom not to worry? And on the other hand, how can I not be optimistic?  Sleeping here is difficult. Sirens and horns sound all night long. The heat wave has made it almost impossible to cool our 18th floor hotel room. And, then there’s my mind going in a million places. I’m ready for tomorrow and I’m not. Please pray. Pray for sleep so our minds can process clearly tomorrow and we’ll be able to ask necessary questions. Pray that Dr. Meyers and his team have had ample time to figure out what’s best for Mason at this point. Pray that we are strong enough to handle whatever we find out tomorrow.

Here are a few pictures from the past few days.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the big day!

  1. We have to believe that you all are where you need to be at just the right time because we know that’s how our all powerful God operates. He is a loving and gracious God who knitted Mason together, knows all of His days, and is precious in His sight. Keep trusting in Him. Praying for all of you.


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