Waiting again…

I feel like I could probably copy and paste one of my previous posts and give today’s update. God is still working on that patience thing with us. It’s ironic in a city where no one has any patience and we feel like the most laid back people around!

We know nothing. NOTHING!!!! So frustrating!  Dr. Meyers said he and his team need more time. They had requested more slides from KU and received them on Friday. Given that this is Monday, they still need time. He said, “I’d rather be right than quick.”  And, he managed to give me the same look that I’ve gotten from so many doctors in the past when I asked questions. He welcomed them, but didn’t answer the big ones. Basically, today we agreed to participate in tumor genomic profiling. He said the only thing we really know for certain is that multiple pathologists agree Mason’s tumors are low grade. We don’t even know for certain anymore that we are dealing with osteosarcoma. When asked what we could be dealing with, I got that look that all doctors give me. I’m sure they don’t want a fragile mom Googling, but here’s the deal – now I will Google EVERYTHING!

As I type, we are sitting in a packed waiting room to get blood drawn for the genomic testing. Then we are free to go. We will have answers in 3-4 weeks.

That’s it. Just more nothing. Oh, except that even Dr. Meyers has never treated a patient with tumors in multiple bones. Good news – no more chemo – unless pathology looks drastically different that what we expect. Pray for wisdom and patience. image.jpeg


2 thoughts on “Waiting again…

  1. Wow! Well I’m sure that’s frustrating. But I will pull out the positives in this post……no more chemo, low grade tumors, maybe not even osteosarcoma! Truly a unique boy,unique case & a unique God to handle it all! Continue to trust in Him!


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