Top 10 From NYC

imageTop 10 Things I Learned While in New York City

1. I love wide open spaces and am more claustrophobic than I thought.
2. I scream when I’m walking by the biggest Macy’s I’ve ever seen and rats are playing in the trash by my feet. (Matt just runs, even when pushing a wheelchair.)
3. The New York accent we were anxious to hear was replaced by accents from all over the world and we were lucky to find anyone who actually spoke English.
4. That tiny space on each street corner where the curb is a ramp isn’t even big enough for a juvenile wheelchair.
5. People in general are not friendly like they are in the Midwest. You walk with a purpose or you are vulnerable. Other than our hotel bellhop, only 4 strangers held a door for us while pushing a wheelchair.
6. New York taxi and über drivers are gutsy and extremely brave. The lanes of traffic are only recommendations. Bikers are even more brave. There is no good reason there are not more fatalities on the streets of New York City.
7. There is never, ever silence. I’ve never heard so many horns, police whistles, and sirens.
8. If I ever go back to New York City, it will not be with my husband. This farm boy was an absolute wreck. It was like torture for him.
9. The pizza and bagels in New York City are truly amazing and seeing the Statue of Liberty is breathtaking.
10. Grass and gas stations are almost non-existent.

We are home safe and it’s so good to smell fresh air! I only wish we had learned what we went to find out.


3 thoughts on “Top 10 From NYC

  1. Love it! Sure sounds a lot different than we are use to. I too would have been too distracted by the rats! Glad your home safe. Sounds like the time we went with my parents to Washington DC. Paul called it “Ma & Pa Kettle take on DC.” (Old tv show in case you are too young to have heard of it:) Loved the pics. Looks like you had a fun trip in between the doctor appts. And now you get to work on that patience thing some more;) You guys will be cool as cucumbers after all this. Really puts waiting in line, traffic etc. into prospective. Hang in there!


  2. Love your list. Love your humor and thankful you have not lost it, my friend. Sounds like you have quite a few memories. Makes you appreciate home a little bit more. We are praying for good news and peace for you all while you are waiting.


  3. So glad to hear you are all home safe and sound, maybe a little rattled, lol. Praying for good news when you do hear. Best wishes Mason.


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