Today is a bag of mixed emotions, a day I’ve been dreading yet looking forward to at the same time. January 11th will forever be remembered in our family. Even Mason mentioned on the way to school this morning, “Today is the day I was diagnosed.”  Today my heart feels very fragile. I may burst into tears with absolutely no warning. Or, I may laugh until it hurts. Maybe we should stop and pray for every single person I may encounter today!

We have so much to celebrate today. The fact that we have a happy, healthy boy today is nothing short of a miracle. Three diagnosis later, we can fairly safely say Mason will not need to be inpatient or undergo any more chemo in the near future. Our family is in tact and stronger than we started. We saw God move repeatedly over this past year. There is still so much confusion over Mason’s case, medically. But, I can’t shake the fact that hundreds of people praying for God to do mighty things isn’t the cause of this confusion. I’m ok with not understanding fully, but knowing that God does – most of the time. 

Squeeze your people tightly today. Thank you for your prayers that have gotten us here. A full year later, we still have our boy.


7 thoughts on “Cancerversary

  1. “We still have our boy!” now that is something to celebrate!!!!! You guys have been through so much in the last 1.5 years. I have been amazed at your family’s Faith & perseverance through it all! A preacher once said “Don’t feel discouraged looking at your scars(emotional/physical). Scars do not mean defeat. They are a reminder that you have been through a battle but you won!” You have learned a lot about yourselves, each other, & God already. No doubt God has & will continue to show His Glory through this unintended journey of yours. May you continue to trust & lean on Him.


  2. God is good . What a joy to see Mason so happy and healthy looking. Love you all Amy have a great 2017, you all deserve it


  3. We are long-time friends of the Adams family and they shared your cancer story with us because of the very odd cancer journey we are on, too. I have prayed for Mason when God brings him to mind and will continue to do so.
    Trying to walk by faith,
    Vicki and Doug in Iowa


  4. What a journey as I look back on your posts from the last year! Only a strong family that has a strong connection with God could travel on the road you’ve been on. Love & continued prayers to all of you!!


  5. This brings tears of joy to my eyes. And that photo… LOVE IT! Yes, you have your boy and I am thankful to God. He is alway faithful. He is always good. And while we will never have all our questions answered on this side, I will trust Him even in my not knowing.


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